About Me

What You Need To Know About Me

I am a regular internet Marketer who can identify with hundreds of entrepreneurs who are trying to create a home based online business. I am certainly not an Internet marketing guru.


I am married with 2 grown children and married.

I am a disabled Gulf war Combat veteran

with 22 years of service in the US Army.

Served our country very proudly.

I am a naturalized US citizen.

I have been in internet business for the last 8 years.

Over the years I have run into many Internet marketers .
Many are honest and ethical while others are dishonest and they just

want to take and run with your money.

I have lost money to some of those unscruplous,
so called Internet marketers. Internet marketing can

be very confusing and sometimes overwhelming.

The key to success is to pick a niche and run with it.

People want to do business with entrepreneurs who are specialist.

I have learned and implemented various forms of Internet

marketing which include but not limited to-

Article marketing, Blogs, PPC on various platforms,

niche marketing, e-commerce, email marketing,

membership sites and list building etc.

Most important of all these are List building.

A list is an asset. Its like an ATM, if utilized in

an ethical way.


I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be the best Platform to learn and implemnt

the strategies to launch an online business. People don’t need to spend

thousands of dollars on Internet marketing education. It’s all available here on this site

for a very small amount of investment. I can educate and guide people to stay away from

unethical marketers.


I want to Guide online entrepreneurs in the right direction so they can

launch their Home Based Internet Business without spending thousands of dollars

like I did. They can learn from my mistakes.

All the best,

Gary S.