How To Make Money With Your Smartphone? Earn Easy Cash Now!

How To Make Money With Your Smartphone

If you can summarize the hours you spend on your phone for a day, how much would it be? So, during those hours, why not spend it to earn money instead right? With this, you’re being more productive, and you’re definitely gaining cash as well!

How is earning money through my Smartphone possible?

As the growing advancement of technology, the easier it is for people to earn extra! There are multiple ways out there that you can do to get you that emergency cash you might need or that money you want to buy yourself a book or something!

There are multiple applications and sites you can sign up to, and find ways on how to make money with your smartphone. Another option is that you can absolutely choose something that’s enjoyable for you as well!

Sure-fire Ways to Earn Easy Cash With Your Smartphone

1. Answer Surveys

Answering surveys is mainly one of the most common way to earn easy money. All you have to do is answer a few questions and it wouldn’t even take much of your time! You can earn money depending on the points you get from answering a certain survey. MySurvey is an app that lets pays on how many points you earn, and also, gives you an option how you can claim them!

2. Be a Mystery Shopper

Being a mystery shopper is quite fun. It’s another way on how you can earn money with your smartphone! Your job is to evaluate a business’ products and services.

You can assess on the quality of how they cater to other customers as well! You are somehow require to complete tasks like checking the store shelves, if a product is available, etc.. Apps available for this job are; Shopkick, iSecretshop, Mobee and more!

3. Surf the Web!

Most hours of the day are spent on surfing the web, so why not get paid for it?

Swagbucks, is a famous app that lets you earn cash from the moment you sign up. With this app you can surf the web with it’s toolbar, watch surveys, complete offers and such!

4. Watch Ads

If you’re unlike any other person who gets bored by spending little time with watching ads, you can make money from it!

Locket and Adme are a few of the apps you can easily download and watch ads from. The more interatcion you make, the more you earn!

5. Take Photos!

Do you have fondness for photography? You think you can capture great photos? We’ll sell them through money-making photo apps. One good example is Foap! Submit your photos and get them purchased by different kinds of people!

6. Test Websites and Apps

There are companies that offers you to test their websites and make a feedback on them. you’ll be paid according to how many test and review you can get done. Check out Free My Apps and Usertesting!


If you want to earn money there are always different ways to do so. If you think it’s not gonna be an easy job to earn cash, with these options given to you, I don’t think there’s other hassle-free ways you can using your mobile phone! It sure is possible to get paid anywhere, anytime and only with a smartphone in hand!

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